What Causes the Accumulation of Fluid in the Ear?

Ear infection is very common now a day. It is caused due to the accumulation of fluids in the earlobe. An ear is a natural hearing aid. In mammals usually, ear has three sections like the inner ear, outer ear and middle ear. Be it a small child or a teen or an adult, fluid can get accumulated in anyone’s ear. But the accumulation of fluid is more prone in children. This is because the auditory tube in children is smaller and horizontal in shape as compared to the adults. The dysfunction of the auditory tube generates and starts developing fluids inside the ear or ear lobe. The small tube that is attached to the middle ears and upper throat helps in draining fluid from the middle ear, but infection in this passage creates blockage and no wonder there is an accumulation of fluid in the ear.

The listing below down the symptoms of accumulation of fluid in the ear or earlobes:

  • The following are the symptom that makes the fluid float inside the ear like
  • Fluctuation in hearing.
  • Ampleness in ears.
  • Buzzing, whistling and ringing in ears or inside the ears.
  • Ache in the lobes or inside the ears.
  • Swelling and redness outside the ear or ear surface.
  • The symptom of feeling spinning with respect to the surrounding or room.

Causes of accumulation of fluid in the earlobe or inside the ear:

Fluid in the ear hinders the life of an individual and trespass them from performing their work. But we ignore this type of ache or ear pain and take some painkiller, this shouldn’t be done rather knowing the cause and symptom is important.

  • Infection in ear canal-Infection in the ear canal is also referred to as swimmer’s ear. It can also be called as otitis externa. Otitis Externa or swimmer’s ear is caused due to dirt or bacteria present in the ocean or water bodies. If the water is contaminated and remains for so long inside the ear surface,It accumulates fluid in the ear and dysfunction the drainage passage which results in ear ache.
  • Infection in the middle ear– the Middle ear is the portion located behind the ear drum. The middle portion of the ear is only filled with air passage which detects the waves with respect to sound. But when an individual gets affected by cold or any respiratory problems/ syndrome, the air passage can be filled with fluids causing various congestion problems in nose and throat.
  • Infection in the inner ear– Infection in the inner ear is also known as labyrinthitis. Labyrinthitis may be a result of infection from the middle ear. It is one of the reasons for accumulation of fluid inside the earlobes.
  • Allergies-Allergies can be of any type and can be a con for any person. Allergies give rise to disease like congestion in the respiratory system, cold or a cough etc. It mostly affects the auditory lubes. The allergies are out of control and give rise to accumulation of fluid in the ears. We should take measures to control the allergies so that fluid doesn’t sit for a longer period of time and doesn’t direct towards ear ache or pain.
  • Sinusitis– It is a major cold problem or infection, this syndrome makes water sit in necks and sides of the head for a longer period of time, this may lead to the generation of fluids in the earlobes or inside the ear surface.
  • Irritation due to chemical exposure– We are exposed to various types of chemicals which causes allergies and irritation to the body surface which too make accumulation of liquid or fluids inside the ear surface, or any intake of hard drinks or a habit of smoking may lead to enhancement of fluids in between the ear passage and cause pain to us.
  • Trauma for the Ears- Trauma to the years is called as Barotraumas for the ears, while travelling by respect to the air journey or underwater sports, brings fluctuation in air pressure: this leads to a generation of fluids that are not drained out because of the dysfunction.
  • Oral Dysfunction-Abnormalities related to oral constraint may direct the ear and make it prone towards a fluid deposit.
  • Damage to Auditory lubes-Auditory lubes is an important part of the ear. Any dysfunction in the ear will result or direction towards the accumulation of fluids that get stored in ears causing damage or aches to the ear.
  • Cancer Radiation-If someone or an individual is having health issues related to cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, the radiation or chemotherapy treatment leads to accumulation of fluids.

 The treatment for the accumulation of fluids in the ear or ear lobes

The following are the treatments related to the accumulation of fluids inside the ear surface:

  • knowing the presence of fluid in the ear

ü  If the fluid is present in the ear for more than 6 weeks, it is advised to go for an antibiotic treatment

ü   If the fluid is present after approximately 12 weeks then the individual should consult a doctor and must opt for a hearing test.

ü  If the fluid still persists, it is advisable to go for a surgical treatment.


The accumulation of fluids inside the earlobes or inside the ear surface should not be ignored as ignorance can lead to bigger problems like dysfunction of ear tubes or lobes or permanent loss of hears. An individual should avoid known allergy, if he/she is a drug or smoke addict must avoid and have minimum usage of cigarettes or drugs. Don’t take over dosage of medicines or antibiotics.

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