You Know Benefits of blue Berries For Skin, Hair And Health

We all love blueberry benefits, but not many of us know that having blue berries can be healthy and helpful to our body as well. fresh blueberries are one of the most favored and loved treat during the summer season. People around the globe have them during the summer season.

Not only this it is also incorporated in various types of dishes and since they are filled with nutrients benefits of blue berries are enormous.

Blue berries contain a unique type of flavoring known as the anthocyanins which are solely responsible for giving all such kind of berries their red, blue and purplish shades.

blue berries

Now not only the color but these anthocyanins but also give away enormous health benefits of blue berries.

Consuming fruits every day will help you to maintain the fiber level of your body and doing so is easy when it comes to the consumption of blueberries. Not only has this but the blueberries also helped the person to reduce the risk of lifestyle related health problems.

The blueberries also help in maintaining your body diet and help you to reduce the weight of your body.

According to many studies been conducted by the researchers consuming food stuffs like blue berries will help the user to decrease the risk of obesity and diabetes as well as overall mortality which will add on to the complexion and hair and also will help you to boost the energy level of your body.

All though many researchers have witnessed that these blue berries can even have few additional health benefits attached to them.

Following are the health benefits of blue berries

  • To maintain your health of bones – many people do not know this but the health of the bones is very important for your body and for that the person does require to have a proper intake or iron, calcium, and magnesium, zinc as well as vitamin K. all of these are also present in the blueberries.

So consuming blue berries will be the best thing to maintain the health of your body bones. Not only this but blue berries can also help you to reduce the risk of your bone fracture.

  • Lowering blood pressure – A low sodium intake is very essential for you to lower your blood pressure of the body. And so one must intake food which will help you to lower the blood pressure of your body, blueberries are completely free of sodium which is the best for your blood pressure maintenance.
  • Managing diabetes – According to a study, the people who are having type 1 diabetes and consumes high fiber diets have lower blood glucose levels and type 2 diabetes may also have improved blood sugar as well as insulin levels.

And with one cup of blue berries, one can easily have 3.6 grams of fibers. And according to the American health association, it is suggested that a woman must consume about 30 grams of fiber every day and a man must consume 38 grams of a fiber of every day.

  • Warding off heart disease – the blue berry has potassium, fiber, and folate as well as vitamin C and vitamin B6. This is also coupled with the lack of cholesterol. The fiber in blueberries helps the person to directly lower the cholesterol rate of their body. The vitamin B6 ensures a proper build up of compound which is known as homocysteine that accumulates in your body.

And according to a recent study, the risk of getting a heart attack can be reduced 32 percent in young as well as middle age women. And according to this study, a woman who consumed about 3 blue berries in a day have lesser chances of having heart problems.

  • Preventing cancer – nobody might have thought that the health benefits of blueberries will also include fighting cancer, now preventing cancer is also a health benefit of blue berry. The enormous amount of vitamin c and vitamin b available in the blue berries which are as powerful as anti oxidants and this helps the body to protect the cells against the radical damage. The antioxidants in blueberries inhibit the growth of the tumor and also decrease the inflammation in the body of Garcinia Cambogia.

Blueberries also have folate and this plays a big role in the DNA synthesis and repair which helps from preventing the formation of cancer cells.

  • Helps in digestion – the fiber present in the blue berries helps the body to break down the food and also promotes regularity in the healthy digestive tract. So blueberries benefits in avoiding constipation.

  • Weight loss management – people who are on diet have been constantly asked to eat fruits, and the main reason behind it is that the fibers are one of the main ingredients required to manage your weight loss. They help you to reduce your unnecessary appetite and also make you feel fuller for a longer time which eventually reduces yours over all calorie intake.

So there are many health benefits of blueberries, one can have at least 5 blue berries in a day to get the healthy advantage of blue berries, leaving alone the benefits of blue berries the taste is also amazing.

The vivid blue color of the berry attracts many kids so making a person eat them to stay healthy is very easy. Also, for more tips on health and fitness must follow Sapna Vyas Patel a certified fitness trainer.

So go ahead kick start your fruitful day with one of these!

Thank you.

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