Black Stool- Do you really need?

Black Stool or poop varies in color and shape and most of the times, it is no need to worry about the texture, shape, and color of the poop until you are feeling uneasiness or any other problem related to the digestion. Let’s discuss what exactly the black-stool indicates? The possible causes, and when you should worry about it? Let’s dig straight to the topic for everything that you should know about the black poop.

What are the reasons for the stool’s color change?

Stool color is something that we often ignore or not care for. However, the texture and color of stool differ according to the conditions; the common colors that you may see are dark yellow and the light brown. However, depending on your medical conditions and diet, the stool’s color may change drastically.

As said the color of stool mainly depends on what you eat, there are a few medical conditions that may result in a change in stool’s color. It is essential that you know when the change is caused by the diet change, and when you should seek the medical help.

For example, if you had green leafy veggies in your meal, then there are chances that you may find a green tint in your poop or a slightly darker stool than usual. Similarly, the spicy food can change the texture of your poop. These changes are completely normal, and you should not take them as an alarming health condition.

However, if you haven’t changed your diet in a while, and still experiencing a change in color of poop, then you should seriously consider it as a symptom of some strange medical condition and should consult the doctor as early as possible.

Black Stool- Is it really a thing to worry about?

Apart from the dark brown and yellow stool, you can experience black colored stool too. Although they may be caused due to the diet change, and including the food items rich in iron and anti-oxidants,  but if you are constantly experiencing the black poop regularly without a sever change in the diet, then you should consult the doctor as it can be caused due to the internal bleeding.

Moreover, if you are experiencing the blood in your black stool along with constipation, then it is high time to consult a doctor.

In all, if you have changed your diet recently, or are relying heavily on food items rich in iron, then the black stool is an extremely normal thing for you. However, if you are not, then you should consult the doctor to confirm that it is not caused by some major health issues.

Possible reasons for a black stool

One of the most common reasons why you are having black-colored stool is that you are having a diet rich in iron and lead, or are consuming food items that are black in color. Some of the most common food items and food supplements that are responsible for the black-colored stool are blueberries, iron tablets or syrups, and the Black licorice. However, these are the normal things that may produce black stool, but there are a few medical conditions too that can trigger black stool, and as a sufferer, you should be able to differentiate between these two conditions.

Some major medical conditions that can lead to black stool are liver dysfunction, gastritis, peptic ulcers, or even can be a symptom of cancer.

When should you consult a doctor?

Consulting the doctor just because you are experiencing a change in color of your stool may not seem a good idea, but believe us, if the symptoms suggest, then you should immediately rush to the expert for a complete checkup to ensure the wellbeing.

There are certain symptoms that your black stool is caused due to some medical reasons. To be precise, if you are experiencing acute pain in your lower abdomen, having a vomiting sensation every now and then, or just feeling tired more than usual along with a dark black colored stool, you should seek for the expert advice as early as possible. In addition to these, having traces of blood in the stool is also a symptom of a weak digestive system or bad bowel condition. In both the conditions, you should immediately consult the doctor to cure your condition.

The doctor will either take your sample to test lab or examine your body for the possible medical reason why you are experiencing the black stool.

Preventive steps that you can follow to stay away from the black stool and other digestive disorders

If you have not changed the diet and doctor has confirmed that you do not have any major health issues, then the black stool may be possibly caused due to bad bowel health and digestion system’s weakness. To get rid of this naturally, there are a few changes that you should include in your lifestyle and eating habits that will drastically improve your overall health.

  1. Eat food item with high nutrition values

Eating well is the only way to achieve great bowel health. If you are eating food that is highly nutritious and balanced in nature, you can easily get rid of issues related to the digestive system. This will not only help you get a great bowel health but will also help you achieve a good overall health without doing anything extraordinary.

  1. Food items rich in fiber can help in improving digestion

Apart from adding the food item rich in nutrients, you should also include the food items that are rich in edible fibers. This will ensure that your bowel system is working properly and you are having a healthy and normal stool every single time.

  1. A regular health check-up

Along with having a good diet and healthy lifestyle, it is also important to have regular medical checkup so that the health issues can be sorted out before being too late. So make sure to find a doctor or medical check-up center to get a complete body checkup.

So, these were the important and the most common things that you should know about the black-colored stool. Just remember one thing, you should not panic in any case and consult with your doctor about all the things you are experiencing along with the change in color of the stool.

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