Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms

The Chronic Lyme disease is different from Lyme disease; in fact, it can distinct from the un-diagnosed final stage of Lyme disease and also distinct from the post-treatment of Lyme disease syndrome, where the Chronic Lyme symptoms remain after prolong consumption of antibiotic therapy. In the medical world, Chronic Lyme disease can also term as post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome and also as a post Lyme disease syndrome.

As of the studies conducted, about 10% to 20% of the Lyme disease patients’ who treated with the recommended antibiotic therapy continues to witness the disease symptom even after the complete antibiotic therapy. Such patients referred as the Chronic Lyme Disease patients and they may long the last maximum of 6 odd months, however, in those time periods the symptoms get improved which may lead towards emotional distress among the patients.

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms

So far, it is unknown why certain people develop Chronic Lyme Disease and other doesn’t. Also, medical experts are unable to predict the exact reason behind the cause of such chronic symptoms.

List of Chronic Lyme disease Symptoms

In most cases, the Chronic Lyme disease potentially occurs because of the undiagnosed or untreated Lyme infection at the early stage. People may experience typical symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease in a month or even a year later to the infection date. Here are the 10 vital signs that raise alarm about having Chronic Lyme Disease.

  1.  Irregular heart rhythm
  2. Eye inflammation
  3. Liver inflammation
  4. Joint inflammation
  5. Insomnia
  6. Severe fatigue
  7. Neurological problems, including memory loss, headaches, dizziness, confusion
  8. Numbness and tingling
  9. Mood changes
  10. Sensitivity to light

Apart from being a harmful disease, the Chronic Lyme disease is fully capable of spreading all over the body. A Patient who suffers from Chronic Lyme disease poses a high risk of getting an infection in the brain, bones, muscles, nervous systems and other parts of the entire body.

To be frank, the quality of life becomes worse for the Chronic Lyme disease patients’ when compared with all other chronic diseases. Depending upon the symptom’s severity the doctor conducts a various test on specific body areas in order to judge the level of damage caused by the Chronic Lyme disease. Few of the tests which are heavily recommended by the doctors are listed below

  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) or Echocardiogram – In order to predict the heart function.
  • Spinal Tap – In order to test the CSF (Cerebro-spinal Fluid) status.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain – In order to observe the Neurological function.

Studies over Chronic Lyme disease Symptoms

With respect to the studies conducted over the Chronic Lyme disease patient, about 75% of the patients reported that they are suffering severely at least one of the above-listed symptoms of Chronic Lyme disease and about 65% of the patients reported as they are suffering from two or more of the symptoms listed above. Though, the majority of the symptoms which listed are common in other diseases. But in the case of chronic Lyme disease, the severity of such symptoms will be on the high level and creates a strong impact on the lifestyle of the patients.

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