Condoms Choose the one that fits you the most

Condoms are undoubtedly the best and the easiest way to stay away from the STDs and to avoid the unwanted pregnancy. However, if you have ever been to the store to buy a condom for you then you would have wondered that why they are available in different sizes? Aren’t they meant to stretch and cover your whole penis? As we all know the answer is yes, so what is the reason for these many sizes? And, even more importantly, should we really care about the different sizes of condoms? Or, just head towards the supermarket, pick any of those packets and buy them.

Condoms are made up of latex, a stretchable rubbery material that is meant to fit the penis perfectly and enhance the experience of intercourse without interrupting you or your partner in any way. The different brands manufacture differently engineered condoms that differ from each other in terms of texture, thickness, and comfort. However, to ensure the comfort, you should choose a perfect sized condom for the ultimate intercourse experience.

Condoms: Why are these the most widely used medium to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancy?

The condoms are the preferred choice to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy and are used across the globe for many reasons. However, if we talk about the most prominent one, then it would be undoubtedly the easy availability. Additionally, they are extremely easy to use and you won’t need to consult with the expert to use it. This is considered as the easiest and probably the safest way to stay away from the unwanted things.

So, if you are a newly-wed couple, and do not want to have kids right now, then instead of searching for the complex methods of family planning try this amazingly easy way to manage the things better.

How important is it to fit perfectly?

Although the latex used to make the condoms are extremely stretchable material, yet if the condom you have chosen for yourself is too small for your size, then there are chances that it may break during the intercourse. Additionally wearing the smaller condom may discomfort you that will literally ruin the experience and pleasure that you are looking for while having the intercourse.

To avoid this condition, most companies have a size guide that the users may refer to while buying the condoms of their company. However, it is essential that you should know the erected penis size. This will help you to buy the perfect size for yourself.

Reasons why you shouldn’t choose to buy just ANY size

As said, using a condom of smaller size may lead to discomfort and possibility of breaking during the intercourse. If you are using a larger condom, then it would probably slip during the intercourse. This may lead to serious issues later on. Specifically, the two most prominent reasons why you should always look for a perfectly sized condom are listed as follows

  1. A perfectly sized condom helps you get an amazing experience

An ideal condom fits perfectly to your penis and helps you get an experience as there is nothing between you and your partner. However, if you choose a loose or a tight condom for you, then it will not work as per the way it should be. Either it will slip out during the intercourse or will lead to a great discomfort for you. So, instead of buying the condoms in a bigger pack sizes, it is always suggested to buy them in smaller packs and that too after checking the dimensions. Believe us, the right sized condom will help you enjoy the intimate moments like never before. You won’t need to worry about the unwanted pregnancy and STDs while using them. A right-sized condom is a reliable and the easiest way to stay away from these things.

  1. You can safely avoid the malfunction during the intercourse.

The condom malfunction is the common thing we often heard of. However, the main reason for this malfunction is mainly caused due to using the wrong size of the condom while having intercourse. So, to avoid any such condition that can ruin your intimate moments, try to find a perfect size for yourself.

Choose the one that is meant for your penis

Most companies follow common rule while designing the condoms where the width (except for the extra large sizes) is kept similar whereas the length and tip of the condom are varied. This makes it easier for the user to find a perfect fit without searching for the customized condom for their penis size. The condoms are available in the different sizes like the snugger fit, standard, large and extra-large sizes.

In case you are still confused which size would fit your penis perfectly, you can always look for the dimensions on the pack. Still, we would suggest you buy the smaller packs of condoms when you are buying the condom for the first time or trying the company of the first time.

Points that you should keep in mind while buying condoms

Apart from the size, it is also important to keep the material and the company in mind while purchasing the condom. Although it is not necessary, if you are trying a new company, then the usual size that you buy may not fit you perfectly. So, make sure to look for the dimensions of the condom while buying them.

Also, the material of the condom may affect your measured size. Apart from the latex, the commonly used materials are polyurethane, lambskin, and polyisoprene. So, make sure that you keep this in mind and know about the stretching capacity of the material used in condoms.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while buying a company is that the size standards are not the same in every country. They are subject to change, just as the size of clothes. So, it is not at all necessary that you are using largely sized condoms in your country so that size is going to work for you universally.

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So, these were the points that you should know and keep in mind while choosing the right sized condom for you. Believe us, by doing so, you can easily enhance your experience on the bed and will love the experience of using the perfectly sized condom.

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