Everything You Need to Know About Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection is one of the most deadly infections if you have, it is known as Rhino sinusitis and it occurs when nasal cavities become infected and swollen and at times even inflamed.

This usually occurs when it is either caused by a virus and at times it even sustains when the upper respiratory symptoms are gone, while on the other hand bacteria or some fungus can even cause sinus, few other conditions which lead to sinus are allergies, nasal polyps, and even tooth infections.

Sinus Infection

Well there are mainly two types of sinus

  • Acute sinus
  • Chronic sinus

Now acute sinus occurs only when it is for a short term like maximum for four weeks, it is mainly caused by cold or any small virus or bacterial infection.

And when it comes to the chronic ones it is mostly for a 12-week long duration or it simply reoccurs, one must know that this is the time that you have to take utmost care of yourself.

Pains during sinus

Now Sinus Infection pain is usually not like cold but it can be even the pain below your eyes or a headache or constant cold and even tonsils.

Sinus leads to inflammation and swelling which can be quite annoying and stressing, you may feel the pain around your forehead or even around your nasal area.

Chronic sinus even leads to a toothache as the jaws and your teeth aches.

Nasal discharge

If you have a sinus infection you will be blowing your nose as well this will mainly cause of the nasal discharge that happens; now this discharge can be cloudy, green and yellow. Chronic sinus also drains out the nasal passages.

This discharge may also surpass your nose and directly go through the throat area, the people who are suffering from the throat infection may even feel a tickle or itchy.

This usually happens during the night time when you are about to sleep, your voice might even get sour or blocked if you are facing severe sinus infection symptoms.

Now the next question that arises is that is sinus infection contagious?

Well sinus infection is not contagious, cold is contagious but sinus cannot and never be contagious, but if you have caused your sinus infection through a virus then there are chances of this sinus infection treatment being contagious.

However, sinus infections are not always caused by a virus but if a sinus is caused simply by a bacteria then it is not contagious.

What are the common causes and symptoms of sinus?

Well sinus is an outcome of virus or bacteria usually but there are other reasons as well which leads to symptoms of sinus infection, following are the symptoms of a sinus infection.

  • Fungi

  • Nasal polyps that grow in your nose

  • Nasal tumors which are basically the natural cause

  • Simple allergies

  • Deviated septum which is a single wall between the nasal packages is crooked or –off center.

Mainly viruses can cause the sinus infections if they are of the acute level sinus, this can be contagious a person must understand that they can cause the other person to fall sick and cold both.

You can also spread the virus sinus infection by touching another person or by having touched an object of the persons use.

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Do not sneeze or cough using your naked hands and then shake hands with the other person, now this is the prime reason why we are asked to cover our mouth with a handkerchief while sneezing or coughing.

Now if they are sinus infections contagious is caused because of a bacteria then it is not contagious, but one cannot figure out the cause every time so it is better advised to take proper precautionary measures during sinus to avoid infecting others with it.

How to treat your sinus infection?

Well, there are several options that one can try to treat their sinus infection, but if you do not know them properly then visiting a doctor could be the best.

  • saline nasal sprays
  • over-the-counter (OTC) decongestants
  • OTC pain reliever
  • OTC sinus infection fever reducers
  • antihistamines
  • mucus thinners
  • rest

If this still doesn’t help then being home is the option that you must adapt to avoid any further sickness

  • antibiotics
  • nasal corticosteroids and sprays
  • nasal antihistamine sprays
  • oral or injected corticosteroids
  • immunotherapy
  • sinus surgery

Now, these options are the ones that you must choose only in some critical situations where you are facing severe problems cause of the sinus infections or you feel you have chronic sinus.

Make sure that you get yourself treated and work on it to avoid severe colds and frequent sickness.

Sinus can be dreadful if not treated well, one must understand the importance of this infection that it is not a casual one and has to be treated the similar way other diseases are.

Thank you.

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