What Could Cause Shoulder Blade Pain?

Shoulder blades pain can be experienced frequently by people of every age group. We often shrug it off thinking the reason behind it must be something that requires no medical attention like wrong sleeping and sitting position. But what a lot of people do not know is that shoulder blade pain is considered to be one of the symptoms of serious problems like cancer and heart attack. They say prevention is better than cure, so if you end up having a pain that is severe and regular in its coming then it is time to get yourself checked. Here we have shortlisted a couple of causes that might be causing your shoulder blade pain. Read them carefully and try to determine which one among the list is likely to be your cause. Along with the probable reasons, we have given ways to treat each one of them


We will only get into detailed information regarding the symptoms after filling you in a bit about the shoulder blade and its location. In medical terms, this area is named scapulae. Shoulder blade, also referred to as shoulder bone, is the bone that connects upper arm bone or collarbone. This triangular bone can be felt more clearly if you keep your body in motion and reach your hands behind.

The reason that a lot of people suffer from shoulder blade pain is due to the fact it performs a lot of actions in your day to day life. It is hence prone to such danger.


As mentioned before, finding the reason behind your shoulder blade can prove to be quite tedious. Here will mention some common and obvious reasons that might have led to the pain. In most cases, the person suffering is aware as to what activity caused this uneventful harm.

They can be the result of –

  1. Sleeping in an uncomfortable position for a very long duration
  2. Lifting objects that are heavy and gives strain to your shoulder
  3. Spending hours sitting in front of your computer without taking a pause
  4. The aftermath of an accident

Leaving these obvious reasons behind, let us look into causes that the sufferer may not be able to detect on his/her own.  Such causes include

  1. Scoliosis
  2. Heart attack
  3. Lung cancer
  4. Liver cancer
  5. Shingles
  6. Osteoarthritis
  7. Pancreatitis
  8. Gallstones

Shoulder blade pain can have some connection with the heart attack, especially in the cases of women. This calls for immediate medical attention. On the other hand, some people find pain only on one shoulder blade, the one located on the right, and this has been associated with gallstones.  Gallstones in most cases are accompanied by nausea.

In some extreme cases, the sufferer feels severe pain and reaches a level where clotting of blood can be seen. All these cases require serious and immediate attention.

The right time to see the doctor

If you have ruled out all the causes that were mention first like uncomfortable sleeping position and heavy lifting then there might be a need to see the doctor. If the pain is due to obvious reasons then the person can work out a way to get rid of it, but other shoulder blade pains which come with no plausible explanation can be dangerous.

As mentioned earlier, women need to be more careful as a heart attack is one of the most common causes of the serious problem category.

Here we have shortlisted some symptoms which should signal you to meet the doctor immediately

  1. Difficulty in breathing
  2. Severe pain in the chest
  3. Dizziness
  4. Profuse sweating
  5. Redness around the leg area
  6. Presence of blood in saliva
  7. Inability to see properly
  8. Difficulty in speaking
  9. Fever


With the help of a doctor, you can have the following treatments that will be available:

  • Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce the blade pain. It is important as physical activity can help to make the back really strong. Some of the best exercises that help the back include push-ups, pull-ups, amongst others.
  • There are certain food varieties that goes a long way in causing inflammation and which, in turn, results in back pain. If you avoid such food items, you will be better off as far as the back is concerned. Fruits, vegetables, food in high omega-3 fatty acids are some food items that would help.
  • Stretching will also go a long way in helping to strengthen your back. This will help as the muscles and joints will have a better circulation of blood.
  • Rest is another important way in which you can get rid of your shoulder blade pain
  • Muscle therapy or physical therapy also goes a long way in helping to reduce the pain in your shoulders and back. This will help to relax your muscle tissues.
  • Doctors may prescribe certain medications that may help you in getting relief from the back pain. Some medicines that are normally prescribed are ibuprofen, certain steroids, amongst others.
  • In some extreme cases, surgery also might be prescribed by the doctor.

How to Prevent Shoulder Blade Pain:

It is always said that prevention is always better than cure. We have seen in the above paragraph how to cure the pain once you have got it. In this section, you will see that how you can prevent the shoulder blade pain in the first place:

  • You should always maintain a good posture while standing as well as while sitting. If you have a work atmosphere where you are required to sit for long hours, make sure that your chair is adjusted to suit your posture.
  • Make sure to always eat healthily. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet
  • Do not sit for too long hours. You should always make sure to make time for some exercise and stand in between.
  • Make sure to not lift too heavy weights. You might get strain and hurt your shoulder in the process.

Thus, prevent your shoulder blade pain by adopting the above healthy habits.

Thus, the above article helps to understand the various nuances of shoulder blade pain and how to avoid the same in case you get shoulder blade pain.

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